May 17, 2015
You and Robert did a great job. It was all very well received and I know everyone had a good time. I certainly did. It seemed to be worthwhile both FUNraising and FUNDraising. - J.T.

Our Mission
 To create a new source of fundraising for charity golf tournaments and outings while providing players with some novelty contest on course. 

Our Vision
 To help organizations raise funds for their cause or provide an interactive contest at corporate outings while helping individuals, small businesses and courses to generate additional revenue through Launching 4 Charity. 

About Us
Launching 4 Charity evolved from a simple on course game into a program which was refined through research development to improve not only the quality of the game for the participants but also with a keen eye on the purpose of helping charities to raise funds for their cause at golf tournaments and provide entertainment at corporate outings. 

The development of the dart golf ball which was patented took the CLOSEST to the PIN on a PAR 4 and PAR 5 Challenge to a new level by being able to launch the ball more accurate. 
With more fun and participation the dollars raised for the charities increase as well. 

Our Goal 
After successfully launching at South Florida tournaments the decision was made to take Launching4Charity to a national level and expand the area where charities could benefit from the program with the goal to place "Launch Pro's" across the country so they could offer the contest to the charities to support their fundraising efforts. 

Let's Launch 4 Charity across the country!