May 17, 2015
You and Robert did a great job. It was all very well received and I know everyone had a good time. I certainly did. It seemed to be worthwhile both FUNraising and FUNDraising. - J.T.

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   Why is it essential to use the Dart Golf Ball (pat.pen.)?

  • Minimize risk of "stray" balls as the Dart Golf Ball is the only ball flying straight. 
  • Other balls no matter what brand, even those so-called self-correcting ones will NOT go straight all the time!
  • Ability to use the contest on narrow fairways which are parallel to other fairways.

  • Players can actually SEE their ball landing on the green!
  • Fewer people needed to run the contest - we don't need a "spotter" by the green. 
  • Losing of balls is next to eliminated - the Dart Golf Ball goes on the green or in around it in a close perimeter 

  • The "WOW" effect of the Dart Golf Ball promotes player participation in the contest.
  • With the Dart Golf Ball, you are using a novelty which is nowhere for sale. We hold the patent and do not sell the Dart Golf Balls through any channel except with your licensing program.
  • The Dart Golf Ball is powered exclusively by "Nitro Ultimate Distance" 


Dart Golf Ball (Patent Pending No. 61968934)