May 17, 2015
You and Robert did a great job. It was all very well received and I know everyone had a good time. I certainly did. It seemed to be worthwhile both FUNraising and FUNDraising. - J.T.

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What is it all about?

Providing your golfers with an interactive on course game while raising funds for 

your charity or raising brand recognition for your company. 

How does it work?

We are setting up on a par 4 with a distance between 300- 360  yards. Players get to launch our patented Dart Golf Ball down the fairway to land on the green. We set up a 10 ft. putt on the green where the foursome will be putting for eagle, unless their Dart Golf Ball lands closer to the pin and they putt from the closest ball.

Do you have to be on a par 4? 

No, we can also use the launcher as a par 5 challenge where we set up a spot in the fairway and players will try to reach that mark as closest to the mark contest. From there they will chip onto the green with the opportunity to play the par 5 two under par. 

How do you raise funds?

You determine a set amount to be collected from each player – depending on the demographics of your group. We can discuss best practices with you.

Do we need a volunteer?

We do not need a volunteer, but it generally does help your cause if someone from your organization is present to motivate the players to support your cause.

Does it cost the charity anything?

Simple we only get paid through sharing revenue with you. If we do not put effort in it means we do not make money. There is no cost to the charity for us to come to your tournament locally, for tournaments we can discuss the travel expenses.

How is this unique?

Plain and simple there is no one else who can use the patented Dart Golf Ball and that is the key factor in the contest  for the balls to land on and around the green. Dart Golf Balls are patented and are not for sale anywhere except with our licensed package. 

What do you need from us?

We do need an event commitment. On the day of the tournament the course will need to provide a golf cart and a pin marker – that’s all. Simple right?

Do you provide a prize of gift?

We will provide a prize for the winner of the closest to the pin on a par 4 or par 5 challenge and a certificate. If you have a sponsor at your tournament who would like to give out a promotional item - we can do it for them. 

How many people participate on average?

Our average participation is 85%.

Why do you use the Golf Dart Balls?

Well, with any regular ball you will never know where it ends up when launched.  And players are not fond of losing an expensive ball either. We consider this part of player and course safety, which is paramount to us! Read the story behind the dart golf ball here

How do players know you are on course?

For one we can provide you with a banner you can use in your emails, website, and social media. Besides this we can be at the shot gun start to open the tournament with a launcher salute – this will get everyone’s attention – proven fact!

Is there anything we can do besides the on course contest?

Absolutely! Include the Dart Golf Ball Pro Launcher as on course sponsored / underwritten contest and double up your fundraising - early marketing is recommended. Sponsor $$ raised are 100% yours! For higher priced sponsorship we can brand the launcher with your sponsors logo (see Branding)   

Doesn’t this slow down the tournament?

No, actually quite the opposite! Players will be getting to the green with the launcher and putt for eagle, which reduces the play by two (or more) strokes.

How does a player know what to do and where to aim at?

Our staff will give a demonstration to the group and help align them before they launch.

Can women do this as well?

Absolutely! Everyone can participate in the launch. We have had people participate standing up , laying on the ground, sitting in a chair, and even a 9 year old has launched! The launcher has almost no kick back 

What if I am not in Florida or where you have someone launching? 

We do offer a limited rental program to courses, please contact us for details. Our Launch Pro network is constantly expanding across the US. 

Do you have to play the contest on a par 4?

No, we can also play on a par 5 and change to a different contest format and challenge. This will tremendously speed up play on the par 5