May 17, 2015
You and Robert did a great job. It was all very well received and I know everyone had a good time. I certainly did. It seemed to be worthwhile both FUNraising and FUNDraising. - J.T.

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  It is never too late or too early to add the 
The Dart Golf Ball Pro Launcher  
CLOSEST to the PIN on a PAR 4 or PAR 5 Challenge
On Course Entertainment & Fundraising / Sponsor Branding

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 Your tournament deserves to work with the experts! WE build and test our equipment 
  • Golfball Launching for entertainment and fundraising is ALL we do  
  • Never any up-selling - no product promotion  
  • We work with you with a flat fee  - No Split! Transparency is paramount to us!
  • You provide potential sponsors - we will close them! 
  • ALL proceeds above our fee generated on course and through sponsorship remain with your organization. 

YES, the Dart Golf Ball launches STRAIGHT unlike any other ball, enhancing the safety and security of players and course! We are the only provider worldwide playing the Dart Golf Ball (pat.pen.)!!!

Every Golf Ball PRO Launcher (TM) is handcrafted and tested by us. Our air operated equipment is perfected for professional use,  custom built and tested by us with player and course safety in mind!  Absolutely safe to use on course. Don't by fooled by non-professional equipment and claims that regular balls fly straight. 

  We are a Preferred Vendor of the  

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