May 17, 2015
You and Robert did a great job. It was all very well received and I know everyone had a good time. I certainly did. It seemed to be worthwhile both FUNraising and FUNDraising. - J.T.

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Meet the inventor of the Dart Golf Ball (pat.pen.) and designer of the Golf Ball Pro Launcher     

Robert Block, the inventor of the Dart Golf Ball (pat.pen.) and manufacturer of the Golf Ball Pro-Launcher , served in the Unites States Army for 12 years and has been a part of charity tournaments for several years before he started to use the golf ball launcher to raise funds at golf tournaments. He has been using regular golf balls to launch, which come out of the launcher like a knuckle ball, being rather unpredictable where they would land and hence sometimes players would lose their ball. After about 40 launcher events, he started working on a concept where the ball would be more accurate and with an improved chance to actually land on the green. This was the beginning of the Dart Golf Ball (pat.pen.) which launches not only straighter, but now also participating golfers do not have to use their own golf balls anymore. He also perfected the Launcher - which was prior meant for recreational use - into a device being able to be used in a professional way at tournaments. 

With a professional background in safety & security he Hospital and Banking sector his utmost concern is for the safety of the equipment and people operating it. With the invention of the dart golf ball for the launcher he advanced the contest in is safety since our balls are flying straight and the possibility of high-velocity stray balls is diminished to almost a negligible percentage. Improvements and modifications of existing launcher concepts were also focused on the safety and security for anyone operating the launcher. 


While developing the golf dart ball he was thinking about a way to use the launcher nationwide at charity golf tournaments to raise funds for the charities. This is when Launching 4 Charity as a national licensing program was born.